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Dota Underlords second patch added interface mode for PCs and smartphones

15 Jun

Dota Underlords developers have fixed several bugs and added interface mode for different platforms. In the second patch, several new features also appeared, although some of them are not yet operational.

Interface updates and gameplay:

Added new game option: interface mode for PC or smartphone.

A list of hot keys has been added to the game settings page (at the moment they cannot be changed).

In the menu, functions have been added that allow copying group codes, hiding or displaying them, and for a team leader to enable or disable group code.

If there are eight or more players in a group, new members will now become spectators.

The bots difficulty button is now hidden for groups with eight players.

Removed the contours of the characters on the PC.

The “Play at your own pace” button now remembers your previous selection.

The Executor now has cosmetic enhancements for each level.

Added a new effect for the Druid Alliance, which increases the rating of the Druid star.

Improved display of free units in the store.

Improved design of the settings panel.

Improved store design.

Updated localization for multiple languages.

Removed the need to specify -vulkan on the Linux command line.

Error correction:

Fixed a bug due to which the buttons were not displayed at the end of the match.

Fixed a bug due to which the health panel of the Enta defender was too high.

Fixed some spelling errors and problems with the design of the text.

Fixed a bug where the main menu button was hidden in group matches.

Fixed a bug due to which the countdown ropes were turned off for about a second.

Fixed DPS graphics that were sometimes not updated or showed incorrect commands. © 2019
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