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How Dota Underlords differs from Auto Chess - New heroes and mechanics

14 Jun

On the night of June 14, Valve released Dota Underlords in early access. In the first week, only Battle Pass owners for The International 2019 will be able to try out the game. We tell you how the new Auto Chess version differs from the original version.

Mobile Interface

Dota Underlords is an independent game that will be available on PC and mobile devices based on Android and iOS. According to Valve, the game will be cross-platform multiplayer. Perhaps that is why the interface in the PC version is more like an option for smartphones.

All the important elements seem too large on the monitor screen, but on mobile devices they will be just right. Valve tried to make the interface as informative as possible: all the information about classes and races can be read even in the store - already collected combinations are shown there.

Recycled Item System

In general, the gameplay is no different from Auto Chess - the same field of 8x8 and figures of characters jumping from Dota 2. The economy in the game also remained the same, but Valve changed and simplified the system of objects. In Underlords, artifacts do not fall from dead creeps, but are issued after each round. The player can choose an item or one of the two proposed bonuses for races and classes. Units can have only one artifact, but they can be freely shifted.

Among the items were both familiar to Auto Chess, and those that are not even in Dota 2. The first give about the same bonuses as in the game from Drodo Studio, and get to know the rest before the start of the match. For example, you can find a passive effect that allows you to add an additional figure to the field.

New Heroes

Valve did not introduce new races and classes in Dota Underlords, which are called "Alliances" here.

Already in the early version of Underlords a couple of new characters are available. For example, Bloodseeker - or, as they called it in this game, "The Priest of Blood" - joined the ranks of the murderers, and Arc Warden, or the "Broken Guard", became a new elemental. Pudge lovers also did not hurt, and even left him a Meat Hook.

What else?

The last difference Underlords from Auto Chess - the absence of any cosmetic things. Improved figures only increase in size, and couriers are nowhere to be seen. Most likely, all this together with the custom design of the fields will appear in the full version, but so far there are not so many creative possibilities.

At the stage of closed testing for the owners of the Battle Pass in the game there are two modes - single and multiplayer. In the first, you can already compete with bots of three difficulty levels. In the future, Valve has promised to add full-fledged training, some of which have already been shown in the merged gameplay recordings. © 2019
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