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Combo-Builder v1.0 release

28 Jun

Find, build, rate, discuss, share and add to favourites best strategies and combinations of Dota Underlords with our strategy assistant release.


60 heroes, 23 alliances and hundreds of available combinations. Isn't it's hard to find the best way to combine maximum amount of buffs. Its not if you use our assistant that will suggest to you the best ways to combine heroes and increase your draft strange with buffs from alliances bonuses.

Just start to select your heroes to receive detailed stats of each of them and their bonuses from combined alliances. There is also detailed stats about level of your alliances from selected heroes.

You can choose the best heroes to complete your alliances combinations for additional buffs.


Don't need to remember your strategies in your head because we have a place for that! Save strategies in your list of favourites so you can easily come back to them at any time.


Easily share your strategies to anyone by simply copying a link or pressing of "Share" button

Rate, suggest and comment

There is a lot of ways to count your opinion at

Vote for strategies and take a part of finding the best strategies in Dota Underlords.

Or just explain what you think about this strategy to anyone. Strong or weak sides of this combination. Share your experience to our users!

We hope there is enough reasons to check our Combo-builder. We are waiting for your suggestions and ideas! © 2019
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