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28 Jun
Combo-Builder v1.0 release
Find, build, rate, discuss, share and add to favourites best strategies and combinations of Dota Underlords with our strategy assistant release.
20 Jun
Dota Underlords open beta download
You can download and play the game for FREE on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux), iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store & APK) starting today.
18 Jun
First balance update for Dota Underlords
On the night of June 17-18, Valve released a balanced patch for Dota Underlords, in which it weakened the aura of accuracy with Drow Ranger, and also enhanced the abilities of Omniknight and Abaddon. The developers also changed the mechanics of critical attacks - now they can not miss.
18 Jun
Battle Pass owners can give friends three keys for Dota Underlords
Valve allowed all Battle Pass owners to donate three keys for Dota Underlords to friends or acquaintances who do not have a Battle Pass. So developers want to increase the audience before the start of open testing.
15 Jun
Leaked plans of Valve for Dota Underlords
Valve is preparing several great innovations for Dota Underlords. In the near future, developers can add to the game Battle Pass, the ranking system, in-game tournaments and other new items. This was told by the user reddit, who has found the hidden pages on the official website of the game.
15 Jun
Dota Underlords second patch added interface mode for PCs and smartphones
Dota Underlords developers have fixed several bugs and added interface mode for different platforms. In the second patch, several new features also appeared, although some of them are not yet operational.
15 Jun
On the first day of Dota Underlords beta testingthe peak of players raised 30k
The first days of Dota Underlords beta testing were completed - the maximum number of users at the peak was 30 thousand.
14 Jun
How Dota Underlords differs from Auto Chess - New heroes and mechanics
On the night of June 14, Valve released Dota Underlords in early access. In the first week, only Battle Pass owners for The International 2019 will be able to try out the game. We tell you how the new Auto Chess version differs from the original version.
14 Jun
Valve has released their version of Auto Chess - Dota Underlords
Valve has presented its own version of Dota Auto Chess, which is called Dota Underlords. The first game to test users Battle Pass.One party in Dota Underlords is designed for eight people. Players will be able to play the match alone or in a team of four users. © 2019
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